What We Do


Screen for Cancer Risks at Scale

  • CancerIQ Screening Toolkit makes it easy to identify patients at higher cancer risk than the general population, and increase patient awareness of cancer risk factors.

    CancerIQ Navigator brings increased efficiency to patient navigation efforts by highlighting patients with unmet cancer risk assessment needs, and personalizing patient outreach.

Increase Capacity in Genetic Counseling

  • CancerIQ Self-Assessment Programs help patients complete a self-assessment of cancer risk, so that genetic specialists can focus more on analyzing data than gathering it from scratch.
  • CancerIQ Specialist streamlines the process of genetic cancer risk assessment, so you can spend less time on paperwork, and more time on patient care.
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Predict, Pre-empt and Prevent Cancer

  • CancerIQ High Risk Programs improve patient adherence to personalized cancer prevention and survivorship care plans, through ongoing patient engagement and self-management tools.
  • CancerIQ Manager helps providers manage patients according to their cancer risk status and offer dynamic strategies to reduce risk over time.

Key Benefits

Identify All Patients At Risk

Found 20% of women in mammography centers met criteria for genetic counseling referrals.

Save Time, Serve More

Reduce time spent on clerical tasks from 70% to less than 20%, increase capacity to see patient

Increase Patient Adherence

Improved genetics referral uptake by 5x using digital outreach tools

Respond to Clinically Actionable Reports

Incorporates the latest cancer risk models, guidelines, and known lifestyle risk factors.

We Work in Diverse Practice Settings

Tool for providers to identify patients eligible for cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling services.

Productivity tools needed for genetic counselors to spend less time on analysis and paperwork, and more time on patient care.

Solutions for oncologists and preventative care physicians to manage patients according to risk factors.

Our Results to Date

Patients Screened

Individuals at Risk

Patients Seeking Personalized Care

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